Day 3

Age is catching up with me – stuffed my calf muscles (yep, both legs) during the strenuous, unnatural act of running, so am now forced to use the stationary bike in the gym. Not a huge fan, but better than nothing, I guess. Wish I had my own bike so I could actually see 20km+ of scenery rather than the awning of the building beneath the gym. My headphones also decided to call it a day, so I didn’t even have the benefit of music to see me through. The gym did provide Antiques Roadshow on the TV, but not being over the age of 50 meant that it didn’t quite provide any type of distraction.


Drag queen tampon ad ‘transphobic’ – business |

Interesting debate. Personally I’m not too fussed about it. Transgender people are not real women, at least genetically speaking. And they wouldn’t use tampons. This is not a “stereotype” of transgenders but specific, inarguable facts. The importance is that you can both recognize these facts AND not use it as a basis of discrimination against transgender people. I don’t see any discrimination here.

And therein lies my problem with this “outrage” – while I can see people getting upset with the stereotyping the behaviour of a certain group when not all individuals of that group exhibit that behavior (and I gather there is a component of this is the complaints about the ad), I don’t understand how you can get upset with simple facts which aren’t even used as a stick to beat that group with. They are just things that happen to be true that are used to sell some tampons. Big deal.

It should also be noted, however, that the people who don’t like the ad have every right to complain, and if the company pulls it off the air in response, well that’s fine by me, as that is how things should work. People pressure influencing company decisions – I just dread the government trying to interject itself into the process.


Last Year at Marienbad (1961) – 69

I don’t think the story is as impenetrable as its reputation suggests – or at least, the film is welcoming enough to allow the viewer to imprint a reasonable narrative (at least in terms of character motivation and overall premise) that can serve to guide you through the dream-like, gliding editing, mannered acting and gorgeous mise-en-scene.

It takes a while to settle into the groove of the film, as you become familiar with the rules of engagement, and of course, you are still left with a nagging feeling that there may in fact be no ultimate point to the film, except to create a one-of-a-kind mood piece to contrast with the prevailing (mainly Hollywood) genre trappings of the typical doomed romance story of the time. But then, is there anything particularly wrong with that, if it is done as well as it is here? And considering the film still generates debate in the critical community all these years later about what it all means, perhaps that’s the ultimate success, individual viewing experiences be damned.

Listened to:

Wolf Parade, Apologies to the Queen Mary – Still much, much prefer the side project Sunset Rubdown, but this is still 2000s indie-rock done right.


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