Day 2


Three Monkeys (2008) – 73

A beautiful sequence of elegantly composed shots intercut with numerous sweaty, grimy close-ups, charting a rather standard story of the upheaval in a family of three after the father agrees to take the rap for a crime he didn’t do in exchange for money from his boss.

It’s stately and curiously drained of passion (and there are certainly no narrative or character surprises), but it ultimately works because the close-ups serve to reflect the isolating effects of grief, guilt, suspicion and anger – the world goes on but you seem trapped in a self-made fog of internal monologues.

And it’s pretty to look at, which shouldn’t be sniffed at when we are consistently served up similarly slight stories with all the visual panache of a home-made wedding video (e.g. The bland, flat Legends of the Fall). The final shot is a stunner, depicting how our own individual crises are minute compared to both the society we are raised in and nature.

Listened to:

Trolle//Siebenhaar, Couple Therapy

Sonic Youth, Sister

Neonbabies, Good Noise

Blur, Think Tank

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