Day 1

Crappy weather to see in the New Year here in Auckland, but still found the time to get to Takapuna Beach for lunch with EJ. Every man and his dog was crammed into the Takapuna Beach Cafe & Store despite the overcast conditions. We went the Burger King sit on the beach route, watching some dog shit roll in the waves in front of us.


Inglorious Basterds (2009) – 70

Up from 68, this is a film that lives and dies on three scenes: the opening, the strudel and cream reunion, and the basement bar. They exhibit Tarantino’s gift for dialogue that both deepens character and creates tension – words used to tease out inconsistencies. But the rest of the film is hit and miss – the comedy falls flat (Mike Myers seems like he wandered in from Austin Powers 4, Eli Roth is a charisma-vacuum, the random flashbacks are clunky etc)

JCVD (2008) – 37

Great idea, terrible execution. Two great scenes (the opening and the direct to camera monologue) and lots of evidence that JCVD has actual depth as an actor, but the entire film looks like crap and the hostage drama centre is a poorly-choreographed bore, with shitty pointless villians and a storm of hollow noise trying to substitute for urgency outside…

Listened to:

The Delgados, The Great Eastern

Sonic Youth, The Eternal

Sonic Youth, NYC Ghosts & Flowers

Erase Errata, Other Animals

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