Israel-Palestine Conflict

I used this file in a unit on the Israel-Palestine Unit. It wasn’t designed to be self-contained, but acted more as support for a running series of lesson plans. This is why it remains rather unresolved, but it may contain some useful stuff for anyone who is interested.


Learning objectives, Glossary, Nine Question Introduction Quiz,Mapping Activity, Current Issues and Neighbouring Countries

Israel-Palestine PPT

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3 thoughts on “Israel-Palestine Conflict

  1. mike says:

    Nice subtle anti Israel bias.

    You Don’t mention that the occupied territories came after wars of annihilation against Israel.
    don’t mention they are held legally.
    don’t mention the numbers of bombings and dead causing the wall to be built nor the numbers of victims now.
    I could go on and on.
    If this is true of all teachers in NZ then I am saddened at the bias and political slant of your profession.
    If it’s just you, you need deregistering.

  2. A Teacher says:

    Thanks for your input. Bear in mind that this is designed for a Year 10 class, and thus does not go into great detail.

    But I am confused that you say I don’t mention the number of bombings, when in fact the whole middle part of the presentation is simply both sides of the story, and I DO mention the bombings and terrorist attacks.

    Is it because I put Israel first, and the Palestinians second, and thus it seems like it is supposed to be a defence against Israel’s claims? Seems to me, you went into the material with your anti-teacher bias all on show and let that cloud your judgement.

    Feel free to clamour for my de-registration though. If you like, I’ll email you my real name and where I work, and you can ask them to fire me over this.

  3. A Teacher says:

    PS I’m not kidding. I will give you my name and where I work. If it means that much to you, and you can honestly say that your comments were made in order to prompt true neutrality about the conflict, and NOT due to your own anti-Palestine or anti-teacher biases, then I think it is only fair that you have the chance to get me fired from my position because of what you perceive as obviously substandard teaching. I’ll come to a meeting with you and my principal and you can make your case.

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