There goes my competitive edge…

The NZ Herald reports the upswing in the enrolment of male students in teacher training courses this year.

Teaching provided job security and “feedback we’ve had so far suggests that future job security is an influential factor in decision-making,” Dr Rawlins said. “The majority of students we’ve talked to say that teaching is something that they’ve thought about doing in the past, and they now feel that the time is right.”

Don’t you love reporting like this, two sentences attributed to a source, the first raising an interesting fact that you expect the second to expand on and clarify, but instead it is something completely unrelated and the upshot is neither really explain anything in isolation OR paired with each other.

Anyway, job security as a reason for men to go into teaching? That is an added bonus, I would have thought, but I would worry about anyone who was doing it solely for that reason.

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