Protest Vote

Well, I voted for the Greens across the board in the end, even though I have found them to be rather self-defeatingly, dogmatically naive in the way that human society and nature interact in the past. In essence, it was more or less a protest vote against the stunningly inept campaigns of both major parties, coupled with the fact that I’m not the type of person to vote for the right (ie ACT).


I guess it says something that the only real option left for me was a party that I have some severe disagreements with (their stance on GE, for one). I flirted with the idea of fighting my gag reflex and voting NZ First in order to possibly allow Labour in through the back door, but then I remembered that (a), Winston Peters is basically a bag of belligerence bizarrely attractive to octagenerians, good for rest home tours but frankly useless when real politics are called for, and (b) Labour don’t deserve to be helped all that much.

I could have just not voted, I guess, but I have a certain disdain for the self-indulgently “principled” who refuse to dirty their thin-aired moral plateau by voting for someone who doesn’t agree with every single thing they stand for, right down to the eternal “boxers or briefs” ethical dilemma (boxers). Life is too short to sit around glowing outwardly at your own high standards waiting for your doppleganger to become politically aware, involve themselves in some local body politics, demonstrate a talent for political manoevering, get fast-tracked  in one of the main political parties, pledge loyalty to the leader while helping a senior member plot their removal, allow the senior member (now leader) to take the heat for the disruptive and messy overthrow while grooming themselves to takeover after the public have forced the senior member to resign so that you can vote for them. Change is incremental, you CAN choose the lesser of two evils (or, more positively, the better of two mediocrities), because it allows you to shape your country more and more into the image you hold of it, piece by piece, policy by policy. Refusing to vote is simply moral masturbation.


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